Who's Who

We believe success for all can be achieved through an appropriate balance of support and challenge.

We have high expectations of all staff and students and these expectations enable students to grow in an environment in which questions can be asked and answers sought.

Senior Leadership Team

Staff Member Position
Miss S McAllister Principal
Mrs C McGinn Vice Principal
Mrs J O’Neill Head of Post 16
Mr T McKenna Head of Key Stage 4
Mrs A McKenna Head of Key Stage 3
Miss M McCaffrey SENCO

Posts of Responsibility

Position Staff Member
Spiritual Enrichment

Mrs A Cullinan

KS4 Learning Support Mrs I McMenamin
Development of Drama & College Productions Mrs A Conway
Assistant ICT Co-Ordinator Mrs S Moss
BTEC Construction Co-Ordinator Mr I Freaney
Literacy Co-Ordinator Mrs C Kelly
Numeracy Co-Ordinator Mr C Daly
Learning for Life & Work Mrs S O’Hagan

Heads of Year

Tear Staff Member
Year 8 Mrs T Cassidy
Year 9 Mrs T McGilloway
Year 10 Mrs S Loughran
Year 11 Miss J Higgins
Year 12 Mr J Kerr
Year 13 Mrs S Rodgers
Year 14

Mrs J O’Neill

Heads of Department

Subject Staff Member
English Miss A Clerkin
Maths Mr S Johnston
Science Mrs B Mckenna
RE Mrs A Cullinan
Modern Languages Mrs P McAnea
Technology & Design Mr M Deehan
Art Miss S Rush
Business Studies Mr L McMullan
Careers Mrs C McNamee
Geography Mrs K McGee
History Mr O Devine
Home Economics Mrs J Bradley
ICT Mrs A Murray
Music Mrs K O’Doherty
PE Mrs S Grimley
Learning for Life & Work Mrs S O’Hagan


Department Staff Members
English Department Miss A Clerkin (Head of Department)
Mrs M Boyd
Miss A Maude
Mrs C Kelly
Mr S Nugent
Miss M McCaffrey
Mrs C McGirr
Mrs A Conway
Maths Department Mr S Johnston (Head of Department)
Mr C Daly
Mrs J O’Neill
Mrs C Donnelly
Mrs C McGirr
Mrs I McMenamin
Science Department Mrs B McKenna (Head of Department)
Mrs T Cassidy
Mrs A McKenna
Mr J Kerr
Mrs T McGilloway
Miss C McNamee

RE Department

Mrs A Cullinan (Head of Department)

Mrs E Kelly

Miss F Doherty

Modern Languages Department

Mrs P McAnea (Head of Department)

Mrs K McGee

Mrs S Loughran

Mrs E Clarke

Learning Support Department

Miss M McCaffrey (SENCO)

Mrs I McMenamin

Mrs C Kelly

Technology & Design Department

Mr M Deehan (Head of Department)

Mr S McCaughey

Mrs A Corrigan

Art Department

Miss S Rush (Head of Department)

Mrs S McQuaid

Mrs S McGeown

Business Studies Department

Mr L McMullan (Head of Department)

Mr I Freaney

Mrs M Donaghy

Miss J Higgins

Careers Department

Miss C McNamee (Head of Department)

Mrs C McGinn

Mrs S Loughran

Mrs A Murray

Mrs P McAnea

Mrs S Rodgers

Geography Department

Mrs K McGee (Head of Department)

Mr L McMullan

History Department

Mr O Devine (Head of Department)

Home Economics Department

Mrs J Bradley (Head of Department)

Mrs C McGinn

Mrs D Hoban

Mrs L Wylie

Mrs R McAshea

ICT Department

Mrs A Murray (Head of Department)

Mrs S Moss

Miss U Devlin

Miss J Higgins

Mrs M Donaghy

Mrs E Clarke

Music Department

Mrs K O’Doherty (Head of Department)

Mrs S Rodgers

Mrs S O’Hagan

Peripatetic Music

Mrs E Goell

Mrs N McBride

Mrs A Hughes Mrs R Dolan

PE Department

Mrs S Grimley (Head of Department)

Mrs E O’Kane

Mr V Grimley

LLW Department Mrs S O’Hagan (Head of Department)
Mr O Devine
Mrs S McQuaid
Mrs K Mcgee
Miss S McGeown
Mr T McKenna
Mrs S Grimley
Mrs E O’Kane
Mrs I McMenamin

Sub Teachers

Staff Member Subject
Mr M McGuigan English
Mr N Higgins PE
Miss D McElroy Home Economics
Miss K McAnenly Home Economics
Mr K O’Hagan ICT & Business Studies
Miss L Conwell Maths

Support Staff

Roles Staff Member
Office Mrs M McMahon
Mrs M Colton
Mrs L Bogle
Mrs P Bowes
Mrs H McCusker
Examinations Officer Miss C Darcy
ICT Technician Mr C Barbour
Art Technician Mrs U O’Donnell
Science Technician Mr D McCaughey
Design & Technology Technician Mr F Chism
Librarian Mrs I McClements
Post 16 Study Supervisor Mrs K McGuigan
School Nurse Mrs S Tierney
Classroom Assistants Miss K McCullagh
Miss P Girr
Mrs B McCanney
Mrs L Hurson
Miss T Sproule
Miss C Loughrey
Mrs E Devenny
Mrs O McCombe
Mrs L Kelly
Mrs S Fee
Mrs R McCullagh
Mrs M McCullagh
Miss A Killoran
Mr C Harvey
Mr J Ramsey
Mr E McMahon
Mr M McSorley
Mrs C Duffy
Mrs S Goan
Miss N McCauley
Building Maintenance Supervisors Mr T McCauley
Mr D Galbraith
Mr S McCaffrey
Cleaners Mrs B Pancott
Mrs J Kirwan
Miss C McAleer
Miss M Thornton
Mrs P McCrory
Miss M Lugiewiez
Mrs M McCrory
Mrs S McGlinchey
Mrs W McMenamin
Mrs A Galbraith
Mrs M Murphy
Mr S McCooey
Mrs H Anthony
Mrs P Sweeney
EWO Mr B Donnelly
Mrs S Quinn
New Life Counselling Mrs B McCullagh
Learning Mentor Mr V Grimley
Canteen Mrs A Meehan
Mrs A McGinn
Mrs P Brogan
Mrs M McCann
Mrs B Henry
Mrs F McMenamin
Mrs H Kerr
Mrs S Dowdall
Chaplain Rev E Hassan