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EU Settlement Scheme Information

Posted 26th May 2021

EU settlement Scheme


Reminder: All EU citizens and their family members are required to apply for EU Settlement Status. This needs to be completed before 30th June 2021.

If you haven't already done so, we recommend you apply online at 'euss apply.' If you need help, you can also contact Omagh Ethnic Community Support Group, 028 82249750/ to make an appointment for your application.

Below is the link to the online application, but you can also type in ‘euss apply’ in any browser


Additional Information to help you complete your application. Please see below a link to the guidance on the process translated into 26 languages as well as a link to a EUSS toolkit with flyers and promotional materials on EUSS https://apply-to-visit-or-stay-in-the-uk.homeoffi... https://apply-to-visit-or-stay-in-the-uk.homeoffi... as well as a link to a video tutorial how to complete the first stage of the application: the ID check https://apply-to-visit-or-stay-in-the-uk.homeoffi...