School News

The Book Award, Omagh

Posted 10th April 2017

Pupils and staff from Christ the King Primary School and Sacred Heart College attended the Grand Finale of The Schools’ Book Award in Omagh Library on Monday 10th April.

The Book Award, co-ordinated by Mr Brogan, Christ the King P.S and Mrs Kelly, Sacred Heart College, is a collaborative project between the two schools and is used to promote literacy and encourage pupils to read for pleasure. The 24 participating pupils read up to 12 nominated novels, and shared their book reviews with each other using an online digital platform before voting for their favourite novel. The pupils also created digital book trailers, with the support of their teachers and audio-visual engineers from The Nerve Centre, Derry to encourage other pupils to read.

The achievements of the pupils were also recognised and celebrated throughout the ceremony and the title of the winning novel was revealed.

Mrs. C Kelly, "the project has exceeded our expectations. Every pupil has his or own success story to tell from the project. It has been a pleasure to watch the pupils grow in confidence and enjoy reading the novels. It has also been a fantastic opportunity for staff from both phases to work together and share expertise. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff, pupils and parents for their continued support and cooperation. A special word of thanks to Mrs Pauline Armstrong from the Schools’ Library Services and Mrs Irene McClements, School Librarian at Sacred Heart College for their invaluable support also.'